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Vision Casting with Conference Calls: How to Refine the Art of Inspiration

What is Vision Casting?

One of the first steps to success is the to have a goal, a vision if you will, then construct a strategic plan to achieve that goal. A variation of this first step is defined in churches as Vision Casting: sharing your “vision” to others so they make your “vision” their own. Having a good vision and vision casting can be a powerful tool for your institution, there are countless stories of managers refusing to quit, employees putting in extra effort, and customers showing loyalty and commitment, all because of good vision casting. In this post, we discuss the importance of vision casting, and how it can be enhanced through video conferencing.

Why Hold a Vision Cast?

In the beginning of any operation, people do not gravitate to where the goal is, but where the leader tells them where the goal is. It is the leader’s job to find a good vision and communicate it clearly to the team so they can work towards achieving it. Begin with uncovering your vision, a bold inspiring vision to help with your operation, then structure and simplify it so it takes a concrete form that is easy to communicate. Then, like any goal, map out a strategic plan for that vision, the steps to make it happen. Finally, communicate this to your staff and motivate them with your grand vision and strategic plan.

Vision Casting + Video Conferencing = ? is no stranger to churches and prayer calls, and we think our service can help enhance Vision Casting. The benefits of video conferencing for a business can be applied, since video conferencing is remote, it reduces travel time and optimizes attendance, leaders can make periodic meetings to all staff members for vision casting sessions. Callers are also more likely to stay focused and alert from a video conference than phone calls and email chains. Video conferencing is also effective at dealing with urgent or unforeseen matters that could impede your vision, since it takes minimal effort and cost to set up. Meeting Checklist Banner

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