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How To Use Video Interviews To Hire Standout Teachers

lady with laptopThe quality of a student’s education is greatly affected by the quality of the educator. Hiring teachers who have the background and cultural fit that meshes with the values of the school (or educational content) empowers learners. Naturally, this is a win-win situation for all, as teachers then feel empowered to teach when the environment is a nurturing one.

With such an influx of educators from around the world, each one bringing to the table their own expertise and learning style, how can administrators feel confident they can find the right person for the role? It’s a time consuming process to filter through resumes and conduct one-on-one interviews. Meeting in person excludes candidates who work remotely or are currently overseas applying for a role in the future. Plus, phone interviews are only helpful towards the end of the interviewing stage. So how do you effectively cull down candidates at the beginning without potentially discarding what you’re looking for?

With classrooms going digital anyways, it only makes sense to utilize the power of video conferencing. Video conferencing to conduct interviews as well as create interview-style videos gives a larger pool of applicants the chance to be hired without inundating administrators with mountains of extra paperwork. Video conferencing in real-time and video interviews cut through the clutter. Here are a few suggestions to consider when using video conferencing to hire:

men in officeSend Out An Interview-Style Video Task

In a one-way interview, administrators and their team put together a standardized list of questions for candidates to answer. Using video conferencing software, it’s all a matter of joining into the virtual meeting and hitting record. The team doesn’t even have to be in the same room when every individual introduces who they are, what they do and record their questions for the candidate to answer. Once every member of the board has made an appearance and submitted their questions, the recording can get sent out to candidates for them to respond. This process saves time because it can be sent out to the talent pool in one fell swoop! The recording is forward facing with the appearance of each decision maker or administrator in one place.

Plus, the video reply to the standardized question video helps to weed out the wrong teachers from the right teachers. Less time is wasted connecting with candidates, so administrators can use their time wisely with applicants who might have more promise.

Engage In A Two-Way Video

Video interviewing is new and the idea of interviewing on camera might makes candidates a little uneasy. Submitting a video interview or engaging in a two-way video interview really just involves sitting in front of a webcam and hitting record. One thing to consider is that technology is very much a part of the classroom, so being comfortable with it and using it is important. A candidate who is tech-savvy might just be the differentiating factor if, for example, they have a close match in work experience. To help ease candidates into being candid on camera, as you’re sending out invites with video conferencing info, include a brief rationale as to how this process gives you, the administrator, more insight and how it helps to expedite the process. Mention how it’s a chance for potential recruits to show off their personality and how it’s an opportunity to flex their communication skills – all of which help them score the job! The more they understand the logic, the more they are likely to take on the challenge and open up.

lady with laptopEncourage Collaboration With The Team

It takes more than one person to make the final decision in the hiring process. Collaboration amongst all decision makers is important so as to avoid turn over in the future or onboarding someone who isn’t a fit. One-way interviews can be shared and forwarded amongst members of the school board to be viewed at any time, whereas live video conferencing sessions connect people in real-time, and they can be recorded for later. If someone who has a say in the hiring process isn’t available, they can view the recording later through the cloud or through file sharing.

Let be the cohesive video conferencing platform that enables administrators to pre-record video interviews or hold a session in real-time. Make the hiring process easier by including a visual element that allows candidates to bring their own authenticity on screen. Features like free video conferencing, free conference calling, detailed summary notes and more, expedites onboarding.

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