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3 Ways to Tell if Your Video Conferencing Software is Worth Your Time

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With so many video conferencing software options on the market, it can be tough to tell which ones are truly worth your while...

Video Conferencing Software Should Be Free (At least to Start)

In today’s tech market, where so many applications and software programs are available free of charge, there is no reason to have to be forced to pay for the most basic video conferencing software. All you should need is a computer (or mobile device) with a working camera installed and an internet connection! Of course, most free services also offer premium features available with an upgrade for users who need a little more out of their video conferences.

Web Cam

All you need is a webcam!

It Should Make Video Group Conferencing Easy

A simple, user-friendly interface is essential for all video conferencing software platforms—because nobody wants to deal with a complicated set of instructions when doing a group video conferencing session.


It Shouldn’t Require Any Software Downloads

A video conference should be easy for you and your participants to join. Software downloads can take time and use up valuable space on your computer’s hard drive. Browser-based video conferencing platforms like’s online meeting room provide a convenient, download-free alternative to video conferencing software downloads.

Video conferencing online made easy with the FreeConference calling app— No Software Downloads Necessary!

Video Conferencing Software can be used for laptops and mobile’s web conferencing feature makes it easy to start a video conference with up to 10 people at absolutely no cost! Simply invite people to join your conference via our free online meeting room tool and they can call right in. All that is required is the Google Chrome browser or free mobile app. Meeting Checklist Banner

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