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Think Outside the Classroom: Video Conferencing for the Modern Teacher

Web-based video conferencing has quickly become a preferred method for virtual meetings between friends, families, and business professionals in the 21st century. As technology enables more and more actions to be performed virtually, it's no surprise video conferencing has also become a widely-used medium for online education. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some of the ways that teachers of all kinds can utilize video conferencing to make their courses more accessible, more interactive, and more engaging.

Creating virtual classrooms

In the old days, students had to be physically present in a classroom in order to receive the teacher’s lecture or lesson. Now, thanks to video conferencing and online education, teachers and students are no longer bound the confines of an actual classroom. Not only does this make educational courses accessible to students anywhere in the world, it eliminates any overhead expenses associated with having a classroom of students under one roof. This savings can be used to make classes more affordable and thereby accessible to more students.

Connecting classrooms across the globe

In addition to making education accessible from anywhere, video conferencing is also being used to help bridge geographic gaps between students in different parts of the world. Until fairly recently, it would not have been feasible for students in the U.S. and China to meet each other without one group having to take a lengthy and expensive transcontinental flight. Now, teachers around the globe are connecting their classrooms—and their students—through video conferencing. Video conferencing technology enables teachers to expose their students to their peers in other parts of the world and create a global classroom environment.

Enabling remote participation

Another benefit of online video conferencing for teachers is that it allows for remote participation in class meetings when circumstances prevent physical attendance. Through illness, injury, or extreme weather, as long as you have access to the internet, you and your students can still connect to class—even if you cannot come to class.’s online meeting room offers free video conferencing and more

With a download-free, browser-based video conferencing and a variety of other useful tools, the FreeConference online meeting room is the perfect platform for teachers and students to hold webinars. Easily accessible from the Google Chrome browser or the FreeConference app, the online meeting room allows participants to share screens and present documents for real-time collaboration anywhere!

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