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Using your FreeConference Dial-in Numbers Any Time

Puffin at ComputerNo matter what line of business you’re in, snags happen. Miscommunications, hiccups in protocol, or a sudden change in direction require emergency meetings. If you have the luxury of having your entire team under one roof, calling an impromptu meeting is as easy as circulating an office memo. But in today’s technology-fueled business world, most companies are spread across the globe. Luckily, FreeConference has addressed this issue and made rallying remote troops as easy as herding everyone into a conference room.

FreeConference’s on demand "Reservationless" calling feature is ideal for keeping remote teams in the loop and abreast of any changes as they happen. With FreeConference "On Demand" feature, users can call at any time on one of FreeConference’s dedicated lines; no appointment necessary! Simply sign into your account, select the "Start Now" option in the "Create" tab and then provide each of your desired participants with one of FreeConference’s numbers and access code. In an instant your team will be connected and your emergency call can commence.

The next time a project goes a stray, or an email thread goes awry make use of FreeConference’s Reservationless feature. You’ll be amazed how quickly an impromptu meeting can come together and guide your team back on course. Give your team a strong sense of direction with FreeConference’s Reservationless calling feature.

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