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Top 7 New Features and Resources of 2017

In 2017 we released a ton of new features. Here are the top 7 features you should be using right now!

#1 The Participant Guide, a "How-To" for your meeting attendees

Designed to ensure all your attendees know HOW to join your meeting! This lightweight, visual guide is the perfect tool to send to your participants who are not familiar with
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The new desktop app

#2 The Desktop App, another way to host an online meeting

Available for both iOS and Windows, this simple, stand-alone web app offers an alternative way to connect to an online meeting without the Chrome Browser.

#3 Video & Screen Sharing from your Android Device 

Be prepared for your next impromptu meeting and download the app for Android. Host an online meeting with video and screen sharing from the palm of your hand.'s free conference call diagnostic tool for testing conference call connections's connection tester. Try it today!

#4 The Connection Tester for online meetings

Having technical issues with your online meeting? Pinpoint where you’re having a connection problem with a simple click of a button, so that you can troubleshoot accordingly.

#5 Find the perfect time for your meeting with the Time Zone Scheduler 

Trying to schedule a meeting with participants in different time zones? Easily select appropriate meeting times with a color-coded display so that you don’t interrupt someone’s dinner or start a meeting too early.

#6 Join an online meeting with an Access Code

Sometimes it might be difficult to send a full URL. Instead, send participants just your access code and they can connect right from the homepage. homepage screen with join meeting section for joining free online conference calls via access code

Join an online meeting right from the homepage.

#7 Schedule your meetings right from Outlook with the Outlook Plugin

Set up meetings right from your Outlook with the click of a button. No need to toggle back and forth or copy and paste. The plugin embeds your conference details right into your calendar invite.

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