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Conference Calling Solutions: The Benefits of Effective Conference Calling

It’s nice to have communication in person, but with the convenience, financial benefits and low costs, FreeConference is the next best thing. What hasn’t been mentioned is the environmentally friendly use of the platform, with no use of paper or emissions involved. Without the need to travel to a specific location to gather, FreeConference allows for the enhanced mobility of employees, and the reduction of environmental costs. Benefits are More than Economic

Office meetings spaceIt’s common knowledge that you can save a ton of money and time by holding an online meeting, we at FreeConference have constantly preached the economics of these benefits. It just makes financial sense, all parties involved would connect on the phone and save gas costs, travel costs, business hours and energy. It also makes environmental sense, have you thought about how much CO2 emissions could be saved by switching to

Here’s a Mini Case Study

Airplane emissionsIt seems that online meetings with services like FreeConference are a much more environmentally friendly alternative to real meetings after research. Here is what published the GHG Protocol figures for air travel:

Short haul flights (less than 300 miles) produce 0.64 lbs/mile of CO2 per passenger.

Medium haul flights (less than 1000 miles) produce 0.44 lbs/mile of CO2 per passenger.

Long haul flights (more than 1000 miles) produce 0.39 lbs/mile of CO2 per passenger.

So for example, if a meeting was scheduled in Ottawa for a coworker in Toronto Toronto (270 miles from Ottawa), San Francisco (2900 miles from Ottawa), and Chicago (750 miles from Ottawa). The total CO2 emissions generated by this arrangement would be 270×0.64 + 750×0.44 + 2900×0.39 = 1634 lbs, or 0.8 tons, of CO2. This could all be reduced through online meetings.

In Conclusion

Environment meetingIn proper context, the average working North American generates 20 tons of CO2 emissions in a year. Replacing 4 or 5 trips per year with online meetings with FreeConference, could represent a 25% reduction in emissions for an average person.

FreeConference makes economic and environmental sense. If you haven’t already, consider signing up for a account to check out the other free features that we have. the original free conference calling provider, giving you the freedom to choose how to connect to your meeting anywhere, anytime without obligation.

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