Picture this workplace nightmare: You’re employed for a busy company, and your email inbox starts to fold onto itself. You’re searching for the information you desperately need to finish your next task, but it’s practically impossible to find in that massive thread of coworkers’ emails. You don’t even know what’s from whom anymore; it all looks the same.

It’s an infuriating and time-consuming drag through an endless sea of messages. Email is the contact method of the future, no doubt, but when your chains start to get too long, conference calls are the optimal way to get everyone on the same page immediately.

Despite your distance between one another, bring the human back into your interaction and ditch the reliance on computer-generated text to connect with others.

Freeconference.com offers conference calling solutions that relieves the stresses of crossover by allowing you to talk with everyone you need to simultaneously.


Rather than contacting all of your co-workers or employees individually, conference calling solutions allows for a level of efficiency one cannot attain through email.

With conference calls, all parties are involved, on the same page at the same time; no missed messages or getting lost in endless threads. Freeconference.com makes communication more personal, accessible, and efficient. Instead of sending and reading text over a computer screen or phone, save time and let your voice be heard. Everyone has an equal opportunity to speak and contribute to the session.

From an economic perspective, Freeconference.com is undeniably more cost effective than alternative methods of bringing people together. Many have discovered that conference call rates are significantly less expensive than one would normally pay for traditional long-distance calling.

In addition to the low price, Freeconference calls can accommodate up to 400 people in a conversation at once. You can easily join the conference any time after it has started, although your boss might not like you joining so late!


Freeconference.com works wonderfully in case of an emergency. Rather than call every co-worker or employee individually, save your time by setting up a quick and efficient conference call. They’re speedy, efficient, and vital for every fast-moving business to keep everyone on the same page. Freeconference.com is a reliable and necessary evolution that significantly improves the communicative abilities of companies worldwide.

Although face to face communication is always nice, Freeconference.com does away with the normal travelling costs of meeting in person. It’s also environmentally friendly; no use of paper involved. Without the need to travel to a specific location to gather, Freeconference allows for the enhanced mobility of employees.

You can be anywhere on the planet and still be an active member of a conference call; nobody needs to worry about being at a specific place at a specific time. Planning around a conference usually takes up massive amounts of time and energy.

Taking this stress out of the equation, more work will get done for your company. Whatever country, whatever time, let Freeconference.com liberate your company with efficient and human connection that transcends the mundane email thread.

Freeconference.com is the optimal solution to inefficient communication.

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