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Step-By-Step: How To Make a Conference Call

You want to meet up with some friends and catch up with their adventures all around the globe. Or maybe you’re trying to secure a deal with a client in another country. So you try scheduling a time to meet, but now you’re stressing over time differences and long-distance fees, you’re expected to send out an invite to every participant, you need to keep a reminder in your calendar...

But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. At, we believe nothing should obstruct your conference with clients or meet-up with old friends! Setting up an online conference call just takes a few simple steps, which entirely eliminate the burden of looking up timezones, sending out invites, and long distance fees. Here’s how it’s done:

Scheduling a Custom Conference Call

  1. Login: login to your account on, and go to the ‘Conference’ page. Click on the calendar icon.
  2. Call Details: Enter your title for the call, and the agenda message you want the participants to see. Select a date from the calendar for any year, any month, and any day! Choose the start time and how long you want your call to be from the two drop-down menus.
  3. Select Time-Zones: If you’re conference is going international, this is for you. Press the ‘Timezones’ button, and add all your participant’s city. Now you’ll see the start time for the call in everyone’s time zone.
  4. Invitations: Invite who you want in your call. Don’t see them listed? Just press the ‘Add’ button, then ‘Add Contact’, then fill out the form. Once you do this, they’ll stay in your address book for future calls too!
  5. Dial-Ins: Add numbers for participants in other countries so they don’t get hit with massive long-distance fees!
  6. Confirm: Just look over all the details, confirm, and you’re done! Don’t sweat the invitations or calendar entry - FreeConference does it all for you. Just select the calendar you’d like to schedule the conference call into.

And remember: conferencing calling is an art! Don't expect to get everything right the first time. As long as your participants are happy, you can rest assured that you've done a good job.

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Conference calling is easy!

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