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8 Things That Feel as Satisfying as a Good Screenshare Presentation

Impressing your coworkers or business clients by pulling off a successful screenshare presentation can be a [surprisingly] gratifying experience. Here are a few things that come close:

1.Getting high-fived by your work colleagues (Coincidentally, this might just happen if your screenshare presentation goes well)

what is feels like to hold a successful screenshare

Go me!

Whether you’ve just closed a big deal or you’ve just scored the winning point in a championship basketball game, getting a round of high fives from your peers can make you feel like a bonafide rockstar (if only for short time!). Enjoy the fleeting sensation while it lasts and soak up the stardom while you can!

2. Decluttering your office desk

^ Tip: Don’t try this method at home (or work)!

If you can’t remember what color the top of your desk is, it’s probably time to clear some things off of it. Decluttering your workspace shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes but its rewards can last clutter it again.

3. Randomly hearing your favorite 90’s song on the radio

Another tip: Don’t try to pull this one off in public unless your name is Will Smith

It might happen to you in the car on the way to work or during your weekly trip to the grocery store, but when that song comes on the radio you’ve gotta fight the urge to bust a move. Maybe it’s a classic r&b hit, maybe it’s head-banging 90’s metal. Whatever it is, when it starts playing, you know it immediately!

4. Eating office donuts - not to be done during your screenshare presentation!

I'm sorry, were you saying something?

You know life is good when you skip breakfast because you’re running late for work and then arrive at the office to find that some saintly coworker has brought donuts! Be warned—halfway through your second donut, the sweet euphoria abruptly ends and is replaced by the sickening feeling of a sugar overload. Self-control will serve you well on this one.

5. Using up the balance on an old gift card

It’s like free money...except you can only spend it at one place.

Maybe you’ve got $5 left to spend on your next iced caramel mocha frappawhatever or $50 off your next shopping spree at your favorite department store...whatever the amount may be, it always comes as a pleasant surprise to find a not-completely-used up gift card that you’d forgotten about.

6. Drinking coconut water on a hot summer’s day

I’ll take one of those on whatever island that is.

If you’ve never sipped on coconut water when it’s hot out you don’t know the true meaning of refreshing. Slightly sweet, slightly nutty in flavor, few things are quite as thirst-quenching as coconut water—which might be why it costs $3 a can!

7. Waking up an hour before your alarm goes off

Who gets to sleep in? You do.

You know the feeling... You wake up too early, check your clock, and realize you still have another hour before you need to get up. What should you do with the extra 60 minutes in your day? Stay in bed of course!

8. Watching these puffins hop on a broken piano

I mean, it’s puffins on a piano—is an explanation really necessary?

Not entirely by coincidence, the puffin is also FreeConference’s beloved mascot.

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