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4 Ways Your Non-Profit Can Use Screen Sharing

How your non-profit can use free screen sharing to get everyone on the same page

Screen sharing, or desktop sharing, is a very useful collaboration tool for groups and organizations of all kinds. What at one time required individuals to physically convene in order to view can now be easily shared online between group members’ computer screens anywhere in the world. With so many different applications for screen sharing, it is not hard to see why it has quickly become a favorite tool for many nonprofit organizations. Here are a few of the ways that nonprofit organizations utilize web-based screen sharing to educate and collaborate.

Use Screen Sharing for Remote Presentations

One of the great things about screen sharing is that it allows those participating in the meeting a live view of the presenter’s computer screen. This makes it ideal for sharing slideshow presentations and other files to remote viewers.

Use Screen Sharing for In-Person Presentations

The utility of screen sharing as a presentation tool is not limited to virtual meetings. In the absence of big-screen monitors and the proper cords and cables, the ability to share the screen of one device with others can come in handy when presenting information to people gathered in the same room as well.

Use Screen Sharing for Tutorials

Screen sharing is a tool perfectly-suited for computer-based learning and education. Unlike pre-made videos, instruction manuals, and user guides, screen sharing enables audiences and participants to follow along in real time as the presenter clicks and navigates from his or her computer screen—allowing for a more interactive and engaging experience for all involved.

Use Screen Sharing for Project Management

Screen sharing, along with other online meeting tools such as video conferencing, document uploading, and instant messaging, makes it easy for teams such as nonprofit staff to collaborate remotely on various projects.

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