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Rx for Bloated Budgets: Free Conference Calls at

Los Angeles, Calif., September 16, 2002 - Integrated Data Concepts, Inc. (IDC) announces the wide release of, its free, secure and user-friendly Web site for scheduling and managing conventional telephone conference calls. is already being used by thousands of savvy businesses, organizations, and consumers seeking to reduce their telecommunications and travel expenses in the post-9/11 economy. According to IDC President, Warren Jason, "There is finally an alternative to conference call services that are inexpensive but featureless, as well as those that are feature-rich but overpriced. We have found no other service in the world that is easier to use or more technologically advanced than"

Offered free on a permanent basis,'s clear, all-digital, conference bridges are accessible worldwide. Conferences take place over normal phone lines and telephones, so no computer or special equipment is needed. The Web site offers detailed online help as well as prompt technical support. No credit card or billing information is required. The only costs are the normal domestic long distance rates charged by conference participants? long distance company for the duration of the call.

Web-Scheduled Conferences on's Web-Scheduled service guarantees reservations of conferences with up to thirty-two callers. Conferences can be scheduled and managed from any Web browser on any computer. The service features a suite of state-of-the-art conference call management tools, including contact management, automated conference invitations with RSVP functionality, and automatic calendaring with OutlookTM and LotusTM personal information managers.

Reservationless Conference Calling on
The Reservationless service offers flexibility and anonymity. Users simply call a dial-in number posted on the Web site and enter an access code. The Reservationless service accommodates up to ninety-six callers for as long as six hours.

For complete information visit or call 1-800-555-7799. Meeting Checklist Banner

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