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Top Reasons Small Business Owners Use a Free Calling App

Why More and More Business Professionals Use Free Calling Apps for Conferencing and More

Every day, our Customer Success Team receives dozens of phone calls and emails from new and existing users looking to utilize the the full potential of our free calling app. From setting up international conference calls to introducing video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities into their virtual meetings, owners of all types of businesses use our service to make their communication and collaboration easier. Here are some of the top reasons why business owners use the FreeConference Calling App:

1. To Hold Virtual Conferences with 2 or more Parties

As the original free conference call service, FreeConference was created to make it easy (and affordable) for professionals and group leaders to hold conference calls. Nearly 20 years later, we are still providing free telephone conference calling (with up to 100 participants) in addition to the audio and video web conferencing feature. has dial in numbers around the world

2. To Connect with Clients and Worldwide

FreeConference has gone international! By providing free and premium international dial-in numbers for over 40 countries worldwide, chances are good that you can provide your callers overseas with a domestic dial-in they can use to call in to your conference call and avoid paying any international calling fees. Furthermore, with online meeting room feature standard on all accounts and a free calling app that can be downloaded, you can now provide your meeting participants the option to connect to your conference over the web from anywhere in the world (as long as they have an internet connection, of course!).

3. To Record Important Meetings

Not surprisingly, one of our most popularly asked-about features is the ability to record calls. Keep a record of your meetings and conference calls with the audio recording capability included with any of our premium plans. Audio recordings can be accessed using the online playback link, downloaded as mp3 files, or via telephone playback.

4. To Hold Video Conferences

While telephone conversations are great, sometimes there’s no substitute for a ‘face-to-face’ meeting—even if you can’t actually meet face to face. While a quick internet search will reveal no shortage of video conferencing solutions out there, the FreeConference online meeting room feature and free calling app offer an easily accessible video conference calling platform that you can use as much as you want—free!

Easily set up video conference calls

5. To Do Screen Sharing Presentations

Screen sharing is a free and useful tool for meetings and presentations conducted remotely. By allowing participants to follow along as you click, scroll, and navigate on your computer screen, screen sharing is the perfect tool for doing online tutorials and presentations with colleagues, partners, or clients.


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