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New "How To" Videos!!! is always looking for ways to make your experience with our service more streamlined. Our user interface is specifically designed to be simple and easy to understand, and we also have a dedicated customer support centre that you can call into. So what’s next for us?

I’m glad you asked. We are happy to announce that we have updated our list of “How To” videos, and they can all be found under the How-To Product Videos section of our blog.

These videos cover a wide array of topics, from specific actions like Recording Calls to entire interfaces like the Moderator Controls. They explain each topic slowly and clearly, and even come with on-screen examples as well! No matter your level of knowledge, you are sure to learn something new about and our services.

Puffin worked really hard on getting these videos out, so we hope you will enjoy them, and refer to them when you need to. To see a full list of videos, please navigate to the "How-To Product Videos" section of the blog, or simply click here


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