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How To Record Your Conference Call


The conference recording tool allows you save recordings so that they can be listened to later, downloaded in MP3 format, or shared with your meeting participants.

The Recording feature is available for users who subscribed to one of the Bundle Plans or have purchased the Recording Add-On from our Add-On page.

If you are using the video conferencing feature, you can start and end your audio recordings by pressing the recording button on the top of the online meeting room. On the phone, you can initiate if you called in as a moderator using your Moderator PIN and pushing *9 to start and pause a recording. The recording feature can also be automatically initiated by selecting “Automatically record audio” under the “Conference Setting” as you schedule the call from your account (with this feature activated, someone must still enter as a Moderator).

Once your meeting is completed, you can access your Recording through your account.

Your Recordings can be accessed under Menu or under Past Conferences on the conference dashboard. Here, you can play your recordings, copy the URL link to share with your participants, or download the recording as a MP3 file for your own to keep. The recording can also be playback via the phone just by entering the dial-in number and access code related to the recording.

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