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Need to Host a Free Conference Call on a Whim? We've Got You Covered!

High-powered business executives are probably always being connected to one conference call or another from atop their lofty glass buildings that make people look like ants. Their meetings planned months in advance, these shadowy businessmen and women use web conferencing to secretly pull the strings of corporate America like sinister puppeteers.

...But what good are conference calls for regular people like us, right?

Conference Calling is Fun and Simple!

Conference calling doesn’t always need to be focused solely on business. It also has many other uses that are fun, interesting, and most of all: quick!

For instance, conference calling is a great tool if you want to:

  • Host an impromptu study session with your study group to keep each other accountable
  • Help a friend practice for a speech or interview
  • Catch up with a family member living abroad
  • Collaborate with friends to play an online video game
  • Go over your final plans for the weekend
  • Just have fun! Makes Conference Calling Quick and Easy!

There's no need to plan for weeks or days in advance in order to host your conference call (although can if you want to). Simply click on ‘Start Now’ at the dashboard that shows up right after you log in. It is so easy to use that the possibilities are virtually endless!

Whatever your reasons are, you can set up your call in seconds with, and be well on your way to doing whatever you’d like!

And just in case you need a few more cool reasons to make conference calling part of your life, check out this nifty video below:

From Busy Meetings to Library Time -


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