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My Video Calling Nightmare

Wow. Where to start? Several weeks have passed, but it feels like it was yesterday...

My Video Calling Nightmare

First off, I only recently found out my laptop even had a webcam. Who uses that? If I want FaceTime I’ll just grab my iPhone, right? But a new client requested a software demonstration and a video chat seemed to fit the bill, so I was off and running.

The concept of video conferencing has been with us for years, but has only recently taken off as a viable means of communication. After all, the logistics of adding a visual component to a session are exponentially more complex than a simple audio-based phone call.

g-productbtc_300x600But I digress. Here’s what happened: I had set up a free account with, knowing their Online Meeting Room would be perfect for the demo, then sent my dedicated meeting link to the client. So far, so good! At our pre-arranged time, she clicked the link, I clicked mine, and we were in. I brought up the software — complex, but workable. This was going great! I was happy, and the client was sold.

Giddy from the positive exchange, I wasn’t even thinking when the client suggested finishing up the conversation with webcams — a brief face-to-face before signing off. Fine, right? Except that I clicked the Onscreen Video Button without ever realizing that I’d been conducting the demo shirtless! Bad enough that I didn’t shave that day, but thinking we’d only be viewing software, I didn’t even bother to put on a shirt (proper attire is not always one’s first consideration when working from home). The horrified look on her face was enough to jolt me into reality. After all, the head-and-shoulders view probably made it look like I was naked!

I mumbled a quick apology and clicked off the video. Whew! Another crazy day in software sales. Happily, the client seemed satisfied with my follow-up email explaining the snafu. I’ve learned one thing though: ALWAYS put on a shirt before conducting another video call.


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