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Life Coach? Save Your Clients’ Money With Free Web Meetings

While one of the main goals of a life coach is to help a client with some aspect of their life—such as relationship issues, career goals, or overall well-being—it is also important for coaches to be reasonable, transparent, and empathetic in how they charge clients for their time. Clients pay life coaches for someone to actively listen and encourage them, and these services can be costly, depending on the extent of coaching required by the client.

Web meetings and free video calling services, like, are an invaluable way to cut down on costs towards your client, allowing them to spend more time with you and get the most out of your services. Here are some of the features that offers to help life coaches better plan their rapport with their clients, and to help clients get the most out of their coach’s guidance and mentorship.

Save on travel time and costs

Life coaches may not be available in every city or locale, and this may force some clients to travel for services, or vice versa. Alternately, a practitioner or client may be absent for an extended period of time, even when coaching sessions are still ongoing. Why not make it easier for both parties and conduct meetings from the comfort of your home or office? With’s accessible, easy-to-use, and completely free video calling service, you can conduct coaching sessions via Internet with crystal-clear video and audio, allowing for a more fulfilling experience than simply speaking over the phone.

Emotional support does not have to begin and end with being in the same room. Using free video calling can help to narrow the distance between client and coach in more ways than one—being able to see each other and pick up on the nuances of conversation is an invaluable benefit for both parties involved, no matter the distance.

Schedule calls and send reminders

When life gets busy, we tend to forget about important meetings and other obligations. Thankfully, features a useful and intuitive call scheduler to remind everyone involved in a meeting when the call is being held. Simply enter the names and email addresses of anyone you wish to call, enter the scheduled date and time of the call, and will send an invite. Shortly before the call is to start, each party that has accepted the invitation will receive an automated reminder email. also uses features a detailed call summarizer to keep track of how long your calls are and who are involved. You can also record your call for anyone with access to reference and transcribe—these recordings are stored safely in your account, so you’ll never need to worry about losing them.

With all of these features and more, is useful for all of your life coaching needs—as either a client or a practitioner, staying in close contact is an important part of attaining the desired life goals established through coaching. Let help you with free video calling, web conferencing, and much, much more.

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