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Introducing: Text Chat

Have you ever been watching a presentation and had an idea or question pop into your head? You know it would be relevant to the group and the speaker doesn’t seem to be addressing it, but you hold off - you don’t want to be rude. You have to wait for the question period, but it’s miles away. You repeat the question silently, willing yourself to remember. Finally, your raised hand is answered. You open your mouth to find the thought gone and the context from which it was hatched obliterated from your memory. Not only did you miss out on wowing your boss with your insightful question, you and the rest of your team never got that potentially helpful answer.

Luckily, FreeConference Web and Video Conferencing has created a time-effective, non-disruptive way to add your two cents the moment they come to mind. FreeConference Web and Video Conferencing provides a built in Text Chat feature that allows participants to send instant messages to the group. You can find the Text Chat text bar on the right hand side of the in-call FreeConference Web and Video Conferencing page. Simply type in your thoughts and hit enter. In an instant your question or comment will be visible to all participants. Not only does Text Chat provides your team with the ability to communicate their thoughts in a respectful manner, it also gives them the opportunity to contribute to a log of questions, notes and proposed actions. This collection of thoughts will be included in the call summary report and follow-up email.

Text Chat is useful for speakers as well. Many of your call’s participants will be by themselves in front of their computer. And regardless of how compelling a speaker you are, people have limited attention spans. Keeping your audience engaged is vital to pulling their focus. With Text Chat you can poll your audience; pose questions; even create an atmosphere of healthy competition without the confusion of having everyone talking at once.
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Schedule a conference call using WebRTC today and see just how much FreeConference’s Text Chat feature will enhance your virtual meetings.


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