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How To Take Meeting Minutes The RIGHT Way


Take a Few Minutes to Save Some Time on Your Next Conference!

Minutes provide a written record of your meeting and offer a handy way for those who missed it to be quickly brought up to speed. Because so many entrepreneurs, group leaders, and business professionals use to host their meetings, we’ve provided some tips on how to take easy, effective meeting minutes during your conference call.

Set Your Agenda Beforehand

toy frog holding a falling stack of papers

Too many notes!

A great way to stay on track of your meeting and make sure all topics get addressed in their proper order is to type out an agenda when scheduling your meeting. The scheduling feature makes it easy to set a date, time, subject, and agenda for your upcoming meeting that gets sent out to all of your invited participants. Learn more about how to use make web scheduled conference calls.

Make Use of Bullet Points

Bullet points give your minutes a built-in structure that makes it easy to organize your minutes by topic.

Bullet points are a great way to:

  • Save time on note-taking
  • Provide hierarchical structure to your minutes
  • Make your minutes easy for readers to skim
  • Cut down on blocks of text

BIG IDEAS FIRST, Then Get to the Details

If you’re not in the habit of holding conferences regularly, chances are good that you have a lot of material to cover. Don’t get bogged down in the minutiae by trying to jot down every single thing discussed. Get the main ideas down, then go back in and fill out any necessary details.

big list of unnecessary words

Cut out the filler!

Cut Out all of the Unnecessary Filler Words

Minutes are meant to be simple and concise notes (otherwise they’d be called hours!) Make your minutes shorter and easier to read by cutting out filler words that don’t add any real meaning— remember you aren’t writing a paper for your high school English class.

If in Doubt, Hit ‘Record’

Rest assured that every word of your meeting is captured on an audio recording. Unlimited audio recording is available on all FreeConference accounts with a subscription to any of our paid monthly plans. Learn more about’s conference call recording.

To Make a Long Story Short:

  • Set an agenda
  • Use bullet points
  • Main ideas first
  • Cut unnecessary words
  • Record your conference Meeting Checklist Banner


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