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How Do You Close A Sales Call?

Side view of employee smiling and in mid-conversation, seated at desktop computer in office space with headphones, looking to the rightAs part of a sales team, you know just how critical a sales call is. Especially now that we’ve moved everything online, a video conferencing sales call has to work extra hard at making a good first impression. Here’s the good news: With a few tips and tricks by your side, you can easily navigate a virtual environment to make a connection, flawlessly sell your product and gain the trust of clients.

Read on for a few ways to shine online using video conferencing:

1. Speak Less, Listen More

Although it seems counter-intuitive, talking less and listening more works to win over trust and get more attention right off the bat. There’s a golden rule when it comes to talking and listening as a salesperson. Ever heard of the "talk to listen ratio”? It’s simple, talk 43% of the time and listen 57% of the time to boost win-rates.

2. Express Yourself Through Body Language

Verbal communication is essential. Building rapport requires it. Who would want to work with you if you can’t articulate your sell or if your messaging isn’t clear? We know how critical verbal communication is, but where we can fail to earn trust is when body language betrays us.

For example, a remote sales presentation via video conferencing puts the presenter in the spotlight. Being aware of how you present yourself, not only in how you dress, can make a huge difference in how people receive you or not. Increase sales with the following nonverbal communication:

  • Power Posing
    If you’re slouched in your chair or you’re twirling your hair, you might come across as unavailable or checked out. Instead, convey confidence with an upright posture, shoulders back and arms visible, either standing or seated with a straight back.
  • Matching and Mirroring
    Subtly create a sense of camaraderie and trust by mimicking the same posture, gestures and movements of the participants you're appealing to. On a subconscious level, this helps them to feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Eye Contact
    Know where the camera is and look into it. Also, if you're reading from a screen ensure it’s set up so it looks natural and unscripted.
  • Hand Movements
    Crossing arms doesn’t instill a sense of trust as much as it creates a block. Even in an online setting make participants feel welcome and at home by occasionally moving your hands or at least making them visible.

3. Deeper Demonstration

View of manager standing and meeting with three employees turned around listening to him delegate, while seated at desktop computers in office space

With video conferencing capabilities, you can dive a little deeper into the demonstration of your product. For example, if it’s a virtual product like education or software, you can reel in your audience to show them the features and benefits of your product step by step in real-time. Customize the demonstration by showing how certain buttons and navigation work.

(alt-tag: View of manager standing and meeting with three employees turned around listening to him delegate, while seated at desktop computers in office space.)

4. Direct Time With Decision-Makers

A huge advantage of an online sales pitch is direct access it provides especially when you’re targeting upper management and C-level execs. Between everyone’s busy schedules alongside physical availability, planning for an online meeting offers individuals the flexibility to join in from any device anywhere at any time.

What’s more is that anyone can ask a question and receive an answer during the meeting. Ending the sales call with a Q&A session is a perfect finish that ties the packaging of your presentation with a bow. This is advantageous for execs, managers, clients and employees to all be involved. Plus, for those who can’t attend, it’s easy to record and replay it later or just rewatch for further clarity.

5. Speed Up Time To Market

View of employee seated at desk in front of laptop wearing headphones in the middle of a call, gesticulating and speakingWhen the need for traveling is reduced to almost zero, you can see how other aspects of the working process improve. Take productivity for example. Not having to spend as much time commuting provides extra time for other ways to boost productivity with work, forging client relationships, and generating more sales. As a result, aspects of each project management phase can be shortened and expedited. Push productivity to maximize how you interact in an online presentation. Better content, videos and other touchpoints in your pitch can work to win over the interests of prospects while helping you to get closer to the finish line and sealing the deal.

6. Master A Handful Of Closing Questions

As you approach the end of your presentation, be prepared to pepper in a few hard-hitting questions that will give you a better idea of what’s going on in your client’s head.

Try the following questions or similar variations to gauge the emotional temperature of the online meeting. Just be sure to include breathing room and not appear too pushy or desperate:

Try hinting towards a closing by squeezing out a detail:
“Do you have a deadline in mind?”

Go for a good old classic closing question like:
“Have I done enough to earn your business today?”

Throw in a “reverse-close” to weed out any left over concerns or unforseen problems in a way that doesn’t stop the deal from going through.

“If we gave you the product at this price, is there any reason you wouldn’t do business with our company?

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