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Bring the Lesson Home with a Holiday Conference Recording

Holiday schedules can get hectic, especially for small businesses that remain open during that time. A large percentage of staff members take days off around the holidays making it hard to continue running the business. Student schedules could be just as erratic, so the teachers and tutors that are affected by the holidays must make adjustments to accommodate their students. A holiday conference recording can be an effective tool for teachers that teach online classes so that they preserve their presentation for students that miss their class during the holiday.

How do you make a holiday conference recording?

There are certain things that the instructor can do to enhance the audio recording. For example, he could mute all non-speakers during the lecture portion of the call so that there is no extra noise on the tape. Make sure you have enough memory on your recording device or your service to avoid any technical mishaps, if you’re using you wouldn’t have to worry about that since there are no conference recording limits. It is also helpful to take notes to go along with your conference recording in case there are pieces of information absent students might not understand. Finally, try to have your students listen to the recording ASAP, that way they don’t fall behind and can ask questions about the topics in a timely way.

A holiday conference recording is just like a podcast!

Not only can students use your recordings to keep up with the rest of the class, when exam time comes the recording can be used for vital study material. Like listening to a podcast, recorded classes do not require full attention to access, you can listen to the recording over and over again during day-to-day activities like shopping and chores. Transcribing the lecture can also enhance the memory of the lecture, allowing you to clarify unclear parts of the lecture and act as a reference guide for future studying.

Could it be better than an actual class?

two children sitting outdoors with laptops on a conference call

Don’t get me wrong, there are obvious benefits for attending a live class, but there are things that recordings exclusively offer. Because of the recordings, you can capture details you would have missed on a normal class, get a better sense of what you are doing wrong and doing well, so you can form better lectures in the future. On a similar note, you could use this recording to get to know your student base, how they respond to your lecture, their interactions, and use it to approach with each student differently. Lastly, it could be a saved resource, if prospective students are wondering what your classes are like in the future, you already have a sample saved.

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