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Here’s Something New - Using Dial-In for Crowdfunding

Using Dial-In for Crowdfunding

Entrepreneurs are starting new projects at an unprecedented rate, and crowdfunding has grown with it.  In the past, people had to apply for bank loans to start a business, which was difficult since banks consider startups risky. Crowdfunding was the alternative to that method, tapping into a “crowd”of friends, family or people on the internet for capital. Crowdfunding gives the entrepreneur a single platform to build and customize, without vetting key players, like banks or VC firms.

You can never have enough fundraising, especially for a start-up. In this post, we discuss how to use dial-ins with your crowdfunding for reach, PR and marketing.

Use a dedicated conference line

Get creative to get attention. A great way to get people listening, and talking afterward, is by opening a conference line that describes your cause. For example, if your project idea is to save the environment and promote green spaces as well as environmental stewardship, your free conference call could be about some of your experiences outdoors, or perhaps a short story told from the Earth’s point of view. Here at FreeConference, we opened a dedicated dial-in at Christmas where Santa Claus reads stories, and you’d have been surprised at how much traffic was on the line.

Launch a webinar

Hosting a webinar can be more beneficial than one would assume. Aside from increasing engagement, webinar presenters can find wonderful networking and promotional opportunities through this channel. Many dial-in providers (including ours) provide web-based services, such as screen sharing and video calling, which can be used to launch a webinar series.

Make sure to put added value in the session to draw more attention. An example of the environmental charity, it could be beneficial to teach an online class on how to help your neighborhood or a report on the state of city parks today.

Attend to Logistics

There’s a lot that goes into building the crowdfunding movement. You need a team to promote the campaign, people that reach out to organizations and handling the media. With a dial-in service, you get a better handle those practices. Talk to your team on a conference call at any time, and invite key influencers or investors on your conference line. Some conference services even provide personal access codes, so that press releases will be able to receive their credentials.

Overall, the use of virtual platforms can be instrumental to your start-up. You need only decide what you’re starting. We’ll help with the rest.

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