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How to Get Your Team to Embrace Screen Sharing

Get everyone on the same page quickly by using the screen share feature for presentations and online meetings.

We’re all creatures of habit. When it comes to incorporating new technology into our workplaces and personal lives, it can often be met with some degree of resistance by our peers and colleagues. Fortunately, not all newer technology is complicated to use. Some tools, such as online screen sharing, can prove to be quite simple yet extremely useful for things like virtual meetings and group presentations. Don't worry, your team will embrace screen sharing before you know it!

screen share document being viewed by another participant that embrace screen sharing

Why Embrace Screen Sharing for Presentations?

With the ability to send emails, files, and messages instantaneously, many people may not at first realize the benefit of being able to screen share. As a presenter, being able to share your screen with others allows you to provide a way for viewers anywhere in the world to follow along in real time as you click, scroll, type, or perform any number of other actions from your computer. This is a particularly useful tool for doing presentations and demonstrations where not everyone can be physically present. As a viewer, the screen share feature is handy for being able to see exactly what others are seeing and eliminate any confusion that can be caused by miscommunication. Here are some of the main benefits and uses of online screen sharing:

  • Provides a way to present information visually in real time
  • Allows for presentations to be done remotely
  • Allows for viewers to see what the presenter sees

Screen Sharing During Conference Calls

While screen sharing is a great feature by itself, it may be of limited use without a means to communicate verbally with the people you are sharing with. Fortunately, there are a number of different services out there that provide free screen sharing tools along with free audio and video conference calling. A free online meeting room that allows participants to hear each other, see each other, and share their screens is the next best thing to meeting face-to-face— which, let’s face it, is just not always a feasible option.

Share Your Screen, Chat, and Upload Documents All-In-One

While you’re at it, take advantage of other tools that allow you to collaborate with your team in real-time like document sharing. Streamline project management by uploading documents for your team to access and use text chat to send notes and quick messages instantly to your team.

man using free video conferencing tool to upload a document

Getting Your Team On Board

The best way to introduce screen sharing to your colleagues at work is to, well, share your screen with them! A quick demo of the screen sharing feature is perfect for illustrating the benefits of this tool to your teammates as well as for showing them how to use it. Have your team take turns sharing their screens and encourage them to make use of the tool for presenting during company meetings.

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