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Close up view of smiling woman as speaker and 5 thumbnails of other speakers in Gallery ViewIf you’re wondering how to make a meeting using a video conferencing platform, just know that as a simple rule of thumb, it should be straightforward, simple and only require a few clicks! Anything more isn’t worth your time, energy and effort. Choose a video conferencing platform like to not just help you schedule a meeting but to take it beyond what a normal audio video solution can do – for free!

Ready to learn more? (more…)

Close-up view of businessman seated at desk in front of desktop, concentrating on jotting down notes in pad with blue pen.As a virtual trainer, you rely on the internet and technology to connect with eager learners. Even before the world went on pause, people were gravitating towards online learning if not for the flexibility and convenience, then for the exceptional content available from niche to mainstream.

Now compounded by how people are working from home and looking to change careers or uplevel their skills in the workplace, it’s not surprising how virtual training has exponentially exploded. Especially since it can be just as effective as learning in real life! (more…)

gallery-view-ipad-phoneSolidifying your business’ communication strategy starts with selecting a free video conferencing software solution. Whether you’re a small business, or established business; Just starting up or branching off to scale and grow, staying connected is more essential to your endeavor than ever before.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter if your brand is forward facing and relies on free video conferencing to be the bridge of communication or if you're a vendor selling a product or service. Both sides of the coin, (so the majority of industries) rely on audio visual communication to strengthen working relationships, gain clients, build trust and connect with the public. (more…)

Over the shoulder view of young girl using desktop computer, writing in notebook and watching teacher teaching onscreenBeing a virtual teacher absolutely has its perks. For educators, it can take the form of giving lectures and leading a class with an established university or teaching overseas. For learners, they can be teenagers or mature adults continuing their education traditionally or learning about specific and niche topics; all while learning in an online setting that is synchronous or asynchronous, fixed or adaptive, interactive, individual or collaborative. The options are endless and aren’t mutually exclusive!

If you’re on the fence, wondering how to navigate unfamiliar terrain and gain a little clarity about what it’s like to teach virtually, read on for a few key points. Even though the virtual school digital
divide is complex and still unfolding, there are many advantages to shifting learning online: (more…)

FC vs ZoomIt can be tricky narrowing down the best free video conferencing for your needs; especially when video conferencing companies like Zoom occupy a huge portion of the digital landscape. There are other solutions and companies offering similar products or better, but it’s hard to compare if you’re not looking in the right places or taking into consideration what you might truly need! The right video conferencing solution demands not only research but an inquiry into your communication strategy and how you can improve it. (more…)

Over the shoulder view of a teacher seated at desk in classroom, chatting with young student on a laptop computer via video conferencingAs we continue to gain traction in an online world, teaching, coaching and other forms of knowledge transmission are gaining in popularity. Pretty much anything you want to learn is available at your fingertips – virtually!

But for teachers, and educators who want to know what it takes to really shine while teaching with video conferencing technology in an online space, there are a few things to know. To be a fantastic virtual teacher, you need to have presence. That’s it, really! Let’s break it down a little further and explore what it means to have presence in a virtual setting. (more…)

conference-call-globallyWhen it comes to free video conferencing, not all platforms are created equal. If you want the best conference calling without having to open up your wallet, consider doing a little checking around to see what works best for you!

Are you an entrepreneur? Maybe a coach or a teacher? Perhaps you’re running a prayer line at your church, planning a fundraising event or virtual field trip for your class. In whichever capacity you find yourself, having streamlined access to a toolkit of digital tools that comprises free video conferencing plus prime features like screen sharing, recording and more, you’ll see how much better your efforts pay off! (more…)

Over the shoulder view of casual-looking man working on laptop in a reclined position on cushion outdoorsFreelancing might seem a little daunting at first. If you’re new, you probably have a handful of questions, including: What kind of freelancing do I want to get into? Where do I start? What’s the best video conferencing for freelancers? Or, if you’re a current freelancer, may you want some insight on how to gain more clients, or put your career into perspective.

Whichever way you go, or how you want to show up professionally, here are the 5 basic types of freelancers and how you can use free video conferencing to ramp up your business, further your reach and make a lasting impression on clients! (more…)

John Wareen is palying saxophone in his studio from 1955 to 2021Our business here at iotum is technology for communication, and last Wednesday one of our favourite communicators passed away, John Warren.

John was with FreeConference since its beginning at the turn of the millennium. iotum became steward of a decade ago when we acquired the brand and added some fantastic new people to our crew. He retired from iotum in 2017, so for twenty years he built up the world’s first and most-loved Free Conference Calling service. He saw it begin, grow and transform from a voice-only, telephone-based service into the video calling, screen sharing, recording and collaboration SaaS you know and love today. (more…)

Young woman cutting tomatoes and teaching cooking class in stylish kitchen in front of opened laptopLiving through a pandemic has been tough on everyone. From small town folk to big city people around the world, in some way, we’ve all been touched by a new way of life. Maybe you sought out video conferencing for a new way to work from home. Or maybe you jumped on the video chat bandwagon to stay in touch with older relatives and start a new tradition of socializing virtually.

But did you know you can build a business online too – from home? With just a few hundred dollars, a bit of video conferencing expertise and the right platform that sets you up for success, you can start making money from your computer. (more…)