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8 Reasons You Should Be Embedding Video Chat And Calls On Your Website

Over the left shoulder image of person using hand movements to communicate with a woman onscreen on laptop via video chatting Looking to broaden your customer reach and strengthen communication between employees and clients? Embed video calls into your website for better connections and better business.

Your brand comprises a logo, colors, a tone of voice, and other brand specifics. These are all important components but it’s a well-known fact, especially in our modern digital world, that a brand speaks more loudly than what it looks like. It’s about how it functions and appeals to customers as well as how it carries users from beginning to end.

Not only does your website need to look good, but it also needs to set the tone for how your brand is perceived. This is the chance to really drive home your website, product, or app for increased awareness and interaction.

Here are 8 reasons embedding video chat and calls on your website pays off:

Smiling student wearing headphones typing away on laptop, seated at table with coffee, a notebook and pen Fast To Set Up

Rather than wasting months researching, developing, and implementing your in-app video, cut time and save money by embedding a video conferencing solution that’s already created. You can hit the ground running knowing that the solution you’re relying on has already proven its efficacy. You don’t have to think twice or worry about what your IT team is designing when you can embed video calls on your website quickly and without a lot of downtime that could delay or derail other work.

Save Resources

Your team already has tasks and projects in the pipeline. Their time and energy are precious. Why take them off the deliverables that make your business money to build video chat for a website when you can get one that’s ready to plug and play with a free video chat software – plus it’s proven to work? Re-allocate your resources to where they are truly needed instead, especially when you’re scaling up your video conferencing which can quickly put a strain on developers.

If you want to get your product out to users as fast as possible, consider how much time, effort, and costs go into building a video feature from scratch, especially when an out-of-the-box video call API solutions for websites is readily available.

Improved Overall Customer Experience

Let’s face it: It’s all about the customer experience. Beyond your logo, brand colors, and tone of voice, it’s about how you show up to wow and support your customer from the beginning of their journey to the end. Every point of contact becomes an interaction for the customer that shapes their opinion of your business, service or product. Just one negative interaction can affect how your business is perceived.

Provide a top-notch experience that offers frictionless transitions between customer touchpoints on your website or app. Embed video calls that allow for instant and hassle-free access that’s simple to navigate. Eliminate unnecessary steps and have control over how customers interact with your site such as no downloads which means no one has to download anything to access your website or app. There’s zero equipment and customers never have to leave your app or page to go somewhere else.

More Time On Your Site

By embedding video calls into your website rather than choosing to use a third-party video conferencing service, you’re able to have visibility and manage the customer experience. Plus, you’re able to receive important insights about customer behavior. This data becomes critical for businesses that want to optimize engagement and predict churn rates. Once a customer is on your platform, sending them away from your page isn’t a business-savvy move when you can keep them where you want them – on your website, product or app.

Woman sitting cross-legged, leaning against bed’s headrest, smiling and looking down at her phone in her hands Total Customizability

When you embed video calls into your website, you’ll notice just how much control and functionality you actually have. First off, you can enjoy collaborative features like the online whiteboard, screen sharing, messaging and more. Plus, with integrations for Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, and Live Streaming to YouTube, you’ll reap all the rewards of being digitally relevant and accessible.

Security and Compliance

Embedding video conferencing needs to be safe and secure. Try premium features like One-Time Access codes and Meeting Lock, so you can embed video calls with peace of mind. With features like these, it’s safe for people to use your website or app for video calls and chatting, plus sharing information and using high-quality features.

Fair Pricing is free! There are no hidden fees or contracts and you can cancel at any time. All plans include audio and video conferencing with NO time limits. Want more? It’s easy to upgrade to a Starter or Pro package for additional features and add-ons. With embedded voice and video we do charge a rate but our pricing is extremely competitive and can't be beaten. To learn more about our APIs, SDKs, and how you can embed video today, book a meeting with our parent company iotum.

Leave The Hard Work Out

With years of WebRTC experience, and know-how of the industry and technology, you don’t have to worry about anything. Leave the back-end operations and maintenance to If there’s a cutting-edge feature that hasn’t yet been implemented or an improvement that needs to be made, you can rely on to get it done.

Also, has offices around the world and offers live telephone support Monday through Friday for any of your online questions, concerns, and needs.

With, you can expect ease of use, a solid return on investment (it’s free!), and a spike in business that makes customers feel seen and heard. Add a whole other layer to the way your product, service, or business is put out into the world. Enjoy using free video conferencing where you can embed free video calls into your website to enhance your online presence and get you the impressions and traffic you’re looking for. Learn more here.

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