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FreeConference How-to: Call Recording

Taking notes during a conference is helpful, but when you really need to know exactly what was discussed and agreed to, nothing beats a recording.  Free Conference Beta can send you an MP3 recording of any meeting. It’s easy to set up and during the Beta test it’s free. Try the call recording feature today!

Here’s how it works:

Call Recording is included in all of our paid bundles, or as a monthly subscription-based add-on.

To get call recording, head over to the FreeConference Add-On Store, found in the top navigation bar. Once in the store click on “Recording”.

Within the page, click on the button that says “$8.99/month” to subscribe to Call Recording.



How to Record During a Call

If you’re meeting using the phone, push *9 to start or to pause a recording.

If you’re holding a call via the web, the recording button is on the top right of in-call meeting room. To start or pause a recording - Push the red button.

[Screenshot of in call meeting room circling the red recording button]


Where to find your call recordings

A copy of the call recording is included in your detailed call summary email. Also, you can access your recordings at any time, when viewing “Past Conferences”

[screenshot of past call with recording]

It’s so easy and the system will even announce that your recording has started or been paused.

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