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Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor is a marketing maestro, social media savant, and customer success champion. He has been working for iotum for many years to help create content for brands like Aside from his love of Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, Sam enjoys writing blogs and reading about blockchain technology. When he isn’t at the office, you can probably catch him on the soccer field, or at the “Ready To Eat” section of Whole Foods.
August 27, 2019
How To Share Your Screen On A Mac or PC And Other Benefits

First off, why would anyone want to share their screen? What’s the point? Plus, it sounds invasive, super high techy and rather complicated. For someone who isn’t familiar, these might be the initial thoughts when first hearing the words “screen sharing.” But in reality, the truth is that screen sharing is an integral part of […]

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July 9, 2019
Let Screen Sharing Do The Showing Instead Of Telling During Your Next Online Meeting

If video conferencing has taught us anything, it’s that transmitting information has the potential to be far more engaging, collaborative and convenient. Anything you can write in an email can also be seamlessly conveyed in a quick one-on-one sync or a pre-planned online meeting with hundreds of participants. Online meetings can be held anytime, anywhere, […]

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May 21, 2019
FreeConference Best Features Series: Moderator Controls

If you take away one thing from this article, it’s that moderator controls make your conference better. Taking control of your conference call can remove echoes and audio feedback, as well as leaving the best impression on your important communication session. Watch this funny video to see why moderator controls are important! FreeConference Best Features […]

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April 9, 2019
Add A Personal Touch To The Way You Run Your Small Business

As a small business owner, networking is everything. Establishing bonds and making connections, while talking to everyone from suppliers to vendors to customers and their families! The insights and nuggets of information acquired from the people who are supporting your business are very valuable. And it’s up to you to position your budding brand (and […]

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March 5, 2019
9 Foolproof Ways To Save Money When Starting A Business

It’s hard to think that some of the mega-corporations today came from such humble beginnings as small businesses! With nothing but a wing and a prayer, these forward-thinking future CEOs forked over lots of their time, and tons of their money to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. And to imagine that most of our household […]

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February 12, 2019
FreeConference Best Features Series: Free Screen Sharing

Do you prefer showing something rather than explaining it? If so, then the free screen sharing feature by is a perfect feature for you. It’s free and easy to access and it will add an additional dimension to your online meetings that regular phone conferences can’t offer. FreeConference Best Features Series: Free Screen SharingWatch […]

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January 3, 2019
Get Your Markers Ready, The Online Whiteboard Feature Is Here!

If you have ever drawn something on a piece of paper and then held it up to your webcam, the whiteboard feature is for you. The newest feature addition to creates a virtual whiteboard in your online meeting room, allowing you and your participants to draw, place shapes, and lay text that is viewed […]

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December 18, 2018
Why Pop-Up Training Matters: Use Free Screen Sharing To Avoiding Skill Expiration

How to Use Free Screen Sharing To Avoid Skill Expiration For Your Team It is no secret that a person’s skills tend to decline if they aren’t used. This problem becomes more difficult to solve when you are dealing with remote teams that you can’t easily check in with from time to time. So what’s […]

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December 11, 2018
How To Plan Out Your New Year Using Free Conference Calls

Creating a plan for the entire year may seem like a huge task, but it isn’t really that difficult. Using free conference calls, you can connect easily with your team members, and create a list of objectives that you would like your business to achieve by the end of next year. This list of objective […]

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December 4, 2018
Improve Your Next Sales Pitch With Conference Call Recording

Video Recording Matters! Why A Conference Call Recording Could Help Your Next Sales Pitch If you’re someone who makes regular sales pitches as part of their job, you’ve probably become pretty good at them. You know when to make small talk, when to pause, and when to talk sales. But I’m willing to bet that […]

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