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The Benefits of Knowing Who's Speaking

Puffin active speaker


There is no bigger faux pas in the business world than calling someone by the wrong name. This is particularly offensive when the mislabeled party happens to be a longstanding employee or important stakeholder. Now, it’s one thing to avoid doing it when your face to face with the person, but when you’re on a conference call with numerous people, it can be downright impossible. Virtual brainstorming sessions, disputes over a project’s direction, and intense Q&As can be cause for pandemonium. Did Julie volunteer that solution or was that Emily speaking? Did Bob ask that question or was that Bill? It’s so difficult to tell!

To help you avoid calling colleagues by the wrong name, FreeConference is pleased to offer the Active Speaker feature. With FreeConference’s Active Speaker feature, Emily won’t get credit for what Julie said again and you’ll have the pleasure of confidently addressing Bob’s very important question directly. The Active Speaker feature places a glowing border around the name of whoever has the floor, so all participants know exactly who’s speaking at any given moment. With the Active Speaker feature in your corner, you and your team will avoid the social misstep of addressing the wrong coworker, employee or stakeholder.

Please note the Active Speaker feature is only available when you use FreeConference via WebRTC. Use your browser to make a conference call today, and your team will always know who has their ear.


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