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Recurring Calls Feature

free conference calls on mobileWhen an organization hits its stride it’s vital to maintain its momentum. Touching base with your team at regular intervals, creates an environment of support that allows employees to flourish. This consistent interaction is even more important when you’re working with a remote team. You don’t have daily water cooler chitchats or birthday cakes in the lounge to bond over. In order to create an inclusive working culture, you have to ensure everyone on the team maintains regular contact with one another.

Thankfully, FreeConference has made it easier than ever to keep your remote team connected and bonding. FreeConference's Recurring Calls feature provides you with the ability to schedule recurring calls in bulk. Setting up a recurring call is easy; once you’ve signed into your FreeConference account, simply click the “call later” button. From there you will be guided through a series of steps that will allow you to select a date and time for the call, as well as the frequency of recurrence. As always, you will also be given the option to name the call, set an agenda, and select the participants you would like to include.

Not only does FreeConference’s Recurring Calls feature allow you set up a series of meetings with a few clicks of a button, it also ensures that everyone will receive ample notice of each approaching call. Reminder emails are sent to those invited to the call fifteen minutes prior to the meeting. These emails not only communicate the time and date of the upcoming call, but the agenda as well – ensuring everyone will be on time and on the same page at the beginning of every meeting.

Imagine knowing your schedule a year in advance. With FreeConference Connect’s Recurring Calls feature you’re one step closer. Book a block of meetings today and bring your team closer together.

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