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New Updates to FreeConference is growing all the time. Have you been keeping up with the changes? Here's a list of some of the new updates that you may have missed: 

Coming Soon: The Desktop App desktop app viewing conference dashboard

Take Google Chrome out of the equation and launch right from your desktop. This simple, stand-alone web app gives you all the online features that you know and love from in one complete package.

Enhanced Audio-Visual Controls from the Conference Page new audio-visual settings page for online meetings

If you have more than one audio/video output device or microphone, now you can choose which one you want to use. This can be a great tool if your audio is coming through the wrong speakers, or of your laptop microphone is turning on instead of your headset microphone.

To get to the Audio & Video Settings Page, click on Settings while in a web conference.

Join a Meeting By Entering an Access Code from the Homepage HomePage screen showing join a meeting by access code

Remember: you can enter an online meeting right from the Homepage by entering the access code that you were given by the host -- you don’t even need a account.

Just enter your access code and click Join Meeting to be connected to the meeting. It’s that easy!

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