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New FC Feature: What is document sharing? How can it help me or my business?

Most users think of conference calls as an audio-only medium. Not any more! is bringing the visual component to conference calling, and it’s easier than ever to get up and running in no time. Your account provides you with a link you can use to start a conference whenever, wherever you want; send the same link to your call participants so that they can join online from anywhere in the world. Really, it’s that simple!

At, we strive to innovate constantly, ensuring our product is top quality. We want to make sure we offer our customers the best features when it comes to conference calling. Most recently we released our Document Sharing feature, not to be confused with the Screen Sharing feature released last year.

Document Sharing

Document Sharing is a brand new feature! It allows you to upload any files or documents from your computer to the session’s chat window. Imagine sending a file to several participants at the same time directly through the conference call! Anyone logged into your session online will have the ability to download to their own computer your PowerPoint, spreadsheet, photos and more.

Document Share-Recovered

How it Works:

As the call Moderator, you’d provide participants with your dedicated conference link; once connected to the session, they can open the Chat window from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Any files uploaded to the Chat window will be visible for participants to download.

Screen Sharing

Another great feature we offer is Screen Sharing! Screen sharing offers a way to display your screen in real time, so that online participants will see exactly what you’re seeing. Need to walk trainees through a website demonstration? What better way than to bring guests together in a virtual conference "room" so that everyone can watch?

Screen Sharing

How it works:

As the Moderator you open  the session by clicking the dedicated conference URL, next select the Share button in the toolbar at the top of the screen. This will allow you to display any open window on your computer, such as a website or presentation. Once on the conference call Invitees will be able to see the Moderator’s screen and can follow any changes as they occur.

So to be clear, our new feature Document Sharing is intended for uploading documents with meeting participants. Screen sharing is for showing participants what is on your screen in real time. Remember - with , there are no downloads or installations required. Just send out a handy meeting link to the invitees and tell them when to join. Participants can access the online meeting room from literally any location worldwide.

Check out the new Document Sharing and Screen Sharing with today!


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