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FreeConference® Launches New Enhanced Desktop Sharing

FreeConference® Launches New Enhanced Desktop Sharing

SharePlus™ part of New Line of FreeConference Select Conferencing Products  

GLENDALE, CA--February 9, 2009--FreeConference, the originators of free audio conference call services announced the availability of a new enhanced version of SharePlus, their desktop sharing application that has been in free beta for over a year. SharePlus was developed to provide users with just the core features they need such as sharing documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and web pages; enabling FreeConference to offer desktop sharing at the lowest price point in the industry.

SharePlus can be purchased on a monthly basis for $9.00/month with unlimited use, or for $6.50 on a per-conference basis.  New features let users upload multiple files for easy switching between documents, pass presenter controls on-the-fly, and provide status alerts to the presenter. A newly designed user interface and faster speeds make the product even easier and more productive to use.

"Our goal is to provide our customers with options to fit their conferencing needs," said Ken Ford, CEO of Global Conference Partners, parent company of FreeConference. "The new SharePlus is better than ever, and we are pleased to offer this enhanced conferencing tool on an unlimited basis for an amazing low price.”

SharePlus desktop sharing is one product available through “FreeConference Select”, a line of al-a-carte conferencing products that consumers can buy individually as needed. Other available “Select” products for purchase include unlimited recording and storage, and a low-cost calling card.

SharePlus Features:

  • Share your desktop, navigate to web pages or present documents all in real-time
  • Easy upload of multiple PowerPoint or PDF presentations and switch between them
  • Flexible passing of presenter controls during session
  • Participant status alerts such as “Be Right Back”, “Agree”, “Problem” and more
  • Participants can join from an email invitation or from a SharePlus session

Learn more about SharePlus.

About FreeConference®

FreeConference originated the free teleconferencing concept with highly automated, enterprise quality conferencing services for businesses, organizations and individuals requiring top-tier performance at little or no cost. Today, FreeConference is serving well over a billion minutes a year of all digital conference calls. FreeConference continues to lead the industry with innovative value-added audio and web conferencing options that let users customize the conferencing features they need, just when they need them. FreeConference is a service of Global Conference Partners. For more information,visit or 

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