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Free Group Video Calling - Helping Families and Caregivers

When families grow distant, it can be sometimes difficult to get everyone back together—this is especially true when family members are facing health problems, particularly when they partially or completely immobilize somebody. Automobile and workplace accidents, cancers, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, and various other health afflictions can be devastating to a family unit, and everybody needs support in these difficult times.


Life is beautiful but also fragile and fleeting—when a family member's health takes a toll,
it is important to be there for them.

According to sun city caregiver, people in long-term care require empathy, patience, and emotional support—this comes from families and caregivers alike. For alleviating the stresses of separation, offers crystal-clear, free group video calling at the click of a key. With its in-browser platform, there are no downloads or subscriptions necessary, making the Internet's best, most user-friendly free group video calling platform.

Caregivers—check up on patients

When patients are transferred from inpatient care to at-home care (or to another facility), they may still require consistent checking-up by doctors, nurses, and other medical caregivers. The rehabilitation and healing process can be a long just like the recovery in a long term drug rehab, arduous one—especially with limited physical and social mobility—and it is important for both medicine and emotional support for patients to know that they are being taken care of.

Staying on top of online meetings has never been easier with's call scheduling platform. Simply enter the email addresses of the people you are going to call, enter the date and time the call is to take place, and will send a friendly email reminder to keep everyone on the same page. For caregivers, everyday life and work life are sometimes inseparable—for those hectic times, let us take care of scheduling your online meetings.

Families—offer love and support from afar

While the rehabilitation and healing processes obviously require medical professionals, it is equally important for patients to know that they are loved by their concerned family and friends. However, as families drift and move to disparate places, it is not always possible to be together physically as a family unit. For long-distance families, free group video calling is the perfect tool for staying in contact, no matter how far away you may find yourself from your loved ones. is ideal for elderly family members, especially. For those with limited mobility or less experience with modern computers, our easy-to-use, browser-based service simply requires an email address and you're on your way. We've designed our platform with the utmost simplicity in mind—by keeping our platform simple, we are able to provide the clearest free group video calling on the web, free of bells and whistles and packed with simply useful features.

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