Lead Easy-To-Follow Meetings With Speaker Spotlight

Hosts can visually cue up the flow of the meeting by giving selected speakers the active view.

This FREE feature gives speakers their time to shine for more focused meetings that bring people together and flow better.






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Select Who Gets Seen

Speaker Spotlight provides participants an enlarged and direct view of the active speaker, creating a focal point for everyone to see. Pinning a primary speaker puts participants “face to face” with who is doing the talking. For coaches or therapists, this feature adds a human touch throughout the video conference.



Guide Participants Along The Journey

Hosts create the flow of the meeting or class by pinning who is doing the active speaking at any time. By selecting the spotlight speaker, participants don’t have to guess who is doing the talking. Speakers can transition quickly and easily, helpful for students being led by multiple instructors in one presentation.



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Give Speakers The Time To Shine

This is the chance for speakers to be seen and heard. With Speaker Spotlight, professors, for example, become the center of attention with an enlarged and highlighted tile amongst the many Gallery View tiles in a well-attended seminar. There’s no distraction, just an unfiltered and direct line of view.

When you sign up, you also get access to other paid features such as Smart Summaries, and toll-free and international dial-in numbers.

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