Suppose you’re setting up a call between yourself and colleagues, but happen to be in the United Kingdom when the session is due to take place. What then? And what about your colleagues? What if they’re spread across the world as well?

No problem: offers local dial-in numbers across the globe! In the UK, you’d be dialing into a London-based number, rather than having to call the United States to join the conference. One person is calling from Belgium? Give her the Brussels number and your dedicated access code and she’s all set. The party in Ireland would call into Dublin; think of the savings in cost by eliminating the international phone call.

Your account comes with free local numbers in:

Austrailia Flag - international Numbers Australia:
(08) 9520 3110
Austria Flag International Numbers Austria – National:
0820 444599
Austria Flag International Numbers Austria – Mobile:
0820 987601
Belgium Flag- international numbers Belgium:
02 808 76 34
estonia-flag Estonia:
609 4175
Finland Flag - international numbers Finland:
09 74790416
Germany Flag - International Numbers Germany:
0211 95987102
Germany Flag- International Numbers Hungary:
(1) 848 0439
Ireland Flag- international number Ireland:
(01) 437 0588
international-flags-nigeria Nigeria:
01 578 0562
Lithuanian Flag international numbers Lithuania:
(8-5) 207 8094
Netherlands Flag - International Numbers Netherlands:
020 262 1918
Untitled-2-01 Poland:
22 116 86 89
South Africa Flag - international numbers South Africa:
087 195 0685
Ukraine Flag - international Numbers Ukraine:
089 320 2487
United Kingdom Flag- International Numbers United Kingdom:
0330 777 1307
American Flag - international numbers United States:
(712) 832-8330

But wait, there’s more!

Ready to bump up to even more local numbers? Any of our paid bundles offer Premium dial-in numbers covering more than forty countries around the world. Offer your colleague in Italy a number in Rome; the participant calling from Japan would dial into Tokyo; the party in Canada would call the Toronto number. Everyone connects with one another, regardless of their location.

Local dial-in numbers from FreeConference: We provide the numbers, you provide the callers, and everyone’s happy! Sign up for a bundled plan today. Your conference participants will appreciate the savings, and you’ll be the Hero of the day.

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