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Professional Custom Greeting

Make your conference calls stand out with a custom greeting and personal dial-in number - Boost your professional image and save time for just $5.99/month!
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Adding Custom Greeting is a thoughtful way to personalize your brand and welcome guests. It also lets participants know that they’re in the right place. Custom greetings are included with the Pro Plan or can be purchased as an add-on feature.

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How It Works

Once you sign up you'll be prompted to: 

  1. Choose which location you want your custom dial-in number to be located.
  2. Write what you'd like our professional voice actor to record to greet your guests.
  3. Insert any notes you have for the professional voice actor, for example, pronunciation. 

We'll take care of the rest. One of our very helpful customer service representatives will reach out to you within 48 hours to help onboard your new custom greeting.

Add My Custom Greeting Now
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Custom Greeting

Why Add a Custom Greeting and personal dial-in number?

Professionalism: A custom greeting and personalized dial-in number can help establish a professional image for your business or organization.

Branding: Customizing your greeting and dial-in number with your company name or logo can help increase brand awareness and recognition.

Convenience: A personalized dial-in number is easy to remember and saves time, as participants don't have to search for the conference details or remember long access codes.

Customization: A custom greeting can be tailored to provide important information such as meeting agendas or instructions on how to participate in the conference call. It can be used for advertising.

Consistency: A personalized dial-in number and custom greeting provide a consistent experience for participants, which can increase engagement and productivity.

Waiting in silence can be confusing and misleading. This is why Custom Greetings improve customer retention. A professional voice actor greeting your guests with a custom message will tell them they're in the right place. 


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Add a Custom Greeting and Personal Dial-In Number Starting at Just $5.99/month.

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