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Family Reunions Made Easy with Free Online Meeting Software

One of the joys of parenthood is watching your children grow up and blossom into adulthood. Growing up also means moving out into the world. Children can find success in all types of careers, some of which require them to be gone from the country for months at a time. Other jobs entail frequent travel, making face to face communication something that is only possible on occasion. Technology has brought people closer together and continues to do so in exciting ways, thanks to the convenience of having a free online meeting.

Almost No Planning

Web Cam

Technology bringing families together

Aside from letting your party know when you will be calling, a free online meeting requires almost no preparation whatsoever. Think about all of the logistics that would be involved in meeting face-to-face: make travel arrangements, book holiday time off work, find hotels and transportation to and from the airport, pack your belongings, arrange someone to care for your home and pets, etc.


Feel like checking in with your son in Germany to see how his university courses are coming? Go ahead and call! Video conferencing allows you to instantly touch base with your nearest and dearest, except they no longer need to even be near.

The Magic Word is 'Free'

Travel can be quite expensive, so a solution in the old days was to make a long distance phone call. One of the truly agonizing things about those calls was the cost. Unless you have an unlimited budget, this meant having to make a list of things to cover in the call and then go through them very quickly. Who wants to rush through a call to someone that you hardly ever get to talk to?

While traveling and vacations can be fun, relaxing and highly rewarding, few of us have the money to take them more than once a year. Video conferencing can be done anytime and from almost anywhere at no cost. Absolutely visit your daughter in Australia when you have the chance, but why not speak to—and see her—every week?

You Have Nothing to Lose

No one is saying that webcams and video calls can take the place of sitting down to an actual meal with your actual family. The point is that simply gives you more ways to connect with your family.

So the next time you find yourself missing a familiar face, why not try


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