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My Family Reunion Conference Call

My family reunion: It’s only a month away, and there are myriad details left to coordinate with other family members. Emails have proven cumbersome, family is spread all across the country — how best to get everyone on the same page? 

What about a conference call with the whole family! One dial-in number, one access code, and everyone’s connected together on the same call. We can discuss everything from logistics and lodging, to food and entertainment (“Hey, isn’t cousin Tommy in a band?”). Still some loose ends to finalize? Before ending the call, I’ll be sure to make arrangements to meet again so that everyone can check their calendars.

No Cost to Connect

The best part about all of us gathering together in a conference call? It’s free! adds nothing to the cost of your conference. If for example a participant has unlimited long-distance on their calling plan, they'll see no change in their bill. Other callers might use their cell phone minutes when dialing into the conference line, but adds no fees regardless.

So get going with your family reunion plans! With, joining together family members from all over the country — or even the world! — is as simple as making a phone call. And my own family reunion? A rousing success! Even Tommy’s band sounded better than ever.

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