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CEO of Global Conference Partners to Speak at TeleSpan’s Third Annual "Future of Conferencing" Workshop

CEO of Global Conference Partners to Speak at TeleSpan’s Third Annual "Future of Conferencing" Workshop
Addresses Global Conference Partners’ Path to Leadership in "User Managed Communications"

LOS ANGELES, CA-March 17, 2008- Alex Cory, CEO of Global Conference Partners, will be addressing the vision of the company at the TeleSpan "Future of Conferencing" Workshop at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas on Tuesday, April 1st, from 10:00-10:45am. The title of his address is "Putting Iowa Behind Us."

"It never really was about Iowa," says Mr. Cory. "While traditional telecom companies have been very focused on trying to create advantages through FCC lobbying, Global Conference Partners has been focused on building a sustainable business around a mix of free and paid services in user managed communications."

Mr. Cory continues: "Free" is not a gimmick or a temporary loophole, nor is it a passing fad in the conferencing industry. It is core to introducing users to a broader set of products supporting group conversations and spontaneous communication, which is growing at substantially faster rates than the conferencing industry or even "Unified Communications." Global Conference Partners has been refocusing on its role as the leader in growth and innovation for self serve conferencing and other user managed communications, and is experiencing unprecedented growth relative to its past performance. The company continues to build what customers need and only what they need to create and manage conversations with their communities of colleagues, customers, suppliers, families, and/or friends using simple, highly automated communications tools that work on the web, on their desktops, on their smart phones, and anywhere else they want to manage communications.

Press appointments at the show may be set up in advance by contacting Nancy King, at 1-(323)-469-3380.

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Global Conference Partners originated the free teleconferencing concept with highly automated, enterprise quality conferencing services for businesses and organizations requiring top-tier performance at little or no cost. Today, Global Conference Partners’ all digital conferencing platform scales to a half billion minutes a month, with 99.99 percent enterprise-quality reliability. Global Conference Partners continues to lead the industry with innovative value-added audio and web conferencing options that let users customize the conferencing features they need just when they need them. Flagship services include and For more information, visit

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