Join MeetingSign UpLogin Join a meetingSign upLog in The Webby Business Awards 2003 has been selected as a winner in the Telecom category for The 1st Annual Webby Business Awards.

The judges commented, " offers a terrific value to consumers – free conference calls – with no strings attached.   The company deserves credit for coming up with an innovative online business model that actually works...   The site makes it easy to learn about FreeConference and to do business with the company."

From the creators of the Webby Awards, the Webby Business Awards honor companies that excel at using the Web as a mature tool to achieve critical business goals.  The awards are produced by The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, which also presents the annual Webby Awards, now in their eighth year.  The Academy launched the Webby Business Awards as a separate awards program aimed at recognizing the best business practices online.

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