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What do Telecaster and Teleconferencing have in Common?

Telecasters and Teleconferencing are both 1950's technology that completely transformed the world back in their heyday. They remain relevant today through their simple, and honest effectiveness.

Both of them are communication technologies that help many people share experiences at together, at once. What Telecasters and Teleconferencing have in common is their unique ability to help communicators express themselves without getting in the way.

A short history of Rock And Roll

Before the Telecaster, when people wanted to rock out at a concert, we were stuck within the limits of acoustic instruments played through microphones in dance halls. Because traditional hollow body guitars tended to feed back in microphones, guitarists were marginalized.

Building on the work of Les Paul, Leo Fender came along and invented the Telecaster. By the time Keith Richards got a hold of one ten years later, the orchestra was dead and 300,000 people could pack the Altamont Speedway to hear the Rolling Stones play their riveting anthem "Gimme Shelter," with the prophetic words "it’s just a kiss away, it's just a shot away."

Music had something to say in those days, and the Telecaster helped musicians get their message out.

Meanwhile, back at the Teleconference

By the 1960's, North America was in love with "Teles." The post-war future was bright, Television was the new darling, and Teleconferencing was helping a generation of polyester-clad salesmen spread the gospel of consumerism across North America through sales meetings while civil rights and feminist leaders hooked up cross country conference calls to organize historic protests.

Why Telecasters and Teleconferencing are so special

Telecasters are revered and beloved by musicians because they put the minimum required technology in between the audience and the musician, allowing maximum artistic expression to happen.

In fact, they demand it. If you can't play guitar well, don't choose a Telecaster. With a "Tele," it is all in your fingers.

Teleconferences are the same. Forget the computers, the TV, the Internet, emails, text messages, robotic echoes and all the distractions. Just pick up the phone and you are instantly connected directly with your companions.

Audio quality is something Telecasters and Teleconferences have in common, too.

Conference calls excel because phone technology is so good at conveying the subtle nuances of communication. Which guitar did Jimmie Page reach for when he wanted to record the crucial solo for his lifetime masterpiece Stairway to Heaven?

His trusty 1959 Telecaster.

Bells and Whistles

Although honest simplicity allowing maximum expression is the heart of why Telecasters and Teleconferencing are such effective communication technologies, there are some approved bells and whistles you can add.

Musicians will plug their Telecasters into amplifiers, record them over mixing consoles, and broadcast them over thunderous P.A. systems.

You can add the most value to your Teleconference with the following:

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  • FreeConference Desktop Sharing with IBM Sametime. Get everyone on the same page.
  • Courtesy Toll Free Call Up number and Personalized Greetings.
  • FreeConference Call Record. Receive an MP3 audio recording by email two hours after your call. Have it transcribed for minutes or publication.

Saving the world with the "Tele"

\The telecaster was an integral voice for bands like the Who and the Rolling Stones to invent Rock and Roll. It was also crucial for Chrissie Hynde, Bruce Springsteen, and the Clash, when they rescued it from the jaws of Disco music in the late 70's and early 80's.

The Tele is still relevant today.

In fact, Fender have issued a "John 5 Telecaster" model to thank wizard guitarist John 5 for introducing his favourite iconic axe to new generations of angst ridden teenagers in search of musical catharsis, through his stints with Marilyn Manson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, k.d lang, and others.

As well as roots and character, continuing relevance is another thing Telecasters and Teleconferences have in common.

After all these years, Teleconferencing is still a great long distance communication tool, cutting through all the techno-clutter of Skype calls and robotic-voiced Internet connections to bring group calls back to their clear, clean roots.

You can plug a Conference Call in as easy as plugging a Telecaster into an amp, and start making "music" with your "band mates" in a moment.

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