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Want to Get Creative? Start Conferencing!

Brainstorm. Pow-wow. Put our heads together. No matter how you phrase it, there’s no substitute for group collaboration. After all, you never know what others will come up with! Ideas spur other ideas, those lead to more ideas, and breakthroughs inevitably surface.

How best to get everyone on the same page? What about a conference call! With a conference call, participants can join from literally anywhere in the world, encouraging the freeform exchange of objectives.

That’s the thing about humanity: As creative beings, we’re inspired by the world around us. It's the people we surround ourselves with and the concepts they imagine that trigger our synapses and spark new ideas. It’s how we operate as a species. offers multiple ways to connect with others; video conferencing in particular is a wonderful medium by which your team can share projects. It takes little more than “what do you think of this?” to get others to volunteer suggestions, and being able to display visuals encourages even more interaction.

Whip out that color swatch for a reaction! Share that spreadsheet for some feedback! There’s literally no limit to the fostering of creativity one can achieve with a conference call. Next time you’re ready to bounce around ideas with your team, remember the benefits of conference calling and get creative.

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