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Video Conferencing on the Android App

There just isn’t enough time in a day to get everything done. Sometimes this means missing the daily video call with your kids during a business trip, or a frantic conference with an important client. Daily tasks build up, and some just don’t get addressed due to sheer inconvenience.

It can be a hassle to find a computer with internet access, especially on a tight schedule. There could be an impromptu video call with management, leaving you tethered to your office computer. Running across the street for a cup of coffee has never been more dangerous…

Android Phone

Instantly access at your fingertips

Luckily, has made video conferencing even more convenient! No more fearing stepping out of the office for a quick bite; no more dependence on the office computer.

Customers can now use the new video-calling feature on the Free Conference Android App! Users are no longer forced to constantly attend their computers, and can easily take their video-conferences on the go with them.

Video-Calling On The Go

With the updated Free Conference Android app, customers can now access video calling on the go to meet all of their needs. Mobile video calling provides more freedom for users, who can now connect to their calls anywhere. This eliminates the hassle of finding a computer to connect to an important call.

Callers can now meet face-to-face on their phones, instead of relying on a simple voice-call. They can enhance their conversations with seamless video integration, creating a fuller communication experience on the go.

Meetings Made Convenient

Gone are the meetings that dictate your schedule. Portable video calling allows customers to easily integrate calls into their already-busy calendars. Businesses can better adapt to their customers’ schedules by connecting on the go, and not having to worry about computer access. 

And don’t fret over vague timeframes for video-conferences provided by employers; you don’t need to wait by a computer for hours on end. Easily participate in important discussions, view informative presentations, or wish the kids goodnight, all through one app. offers these video-calling features and more, and can be accessed anywhere by phone, or any tablet, laptop, or desktop with an internet connection.

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