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UPDATE: New & Improved FreeConference Mobile App for Android Phones

Our latest version of the FreeConference Android App makes it easier than ever to start, join, & schedule conferences on the go! logo for non profits

Enjoy the convenience of being able to access your FreeConference account from a mobile device with the FreeConference app available to download onto your smartphone or tablet.

What’s New?


  • Synced with latest version of web app.

This means:

  • Users can join conferences by access code
  • Better performance
  • Uses system Chrome browser

This means:

  • Smaller download size

New and Improved Functionality on the Android App

With the FreeConference mobile app for Android, users can now:

  • Schedule meetings
  • Join online meetings by access code
  • Video Conference
  • View shared screens
  • Upload documents

Why Use the FreeConference Mobile App?

Our mobile app is designed easy access to your FreeConference account. Rather than logging in to through your web browser, you access your account quickly and even join another conference directly from the app.  

Get the FreeConference app for Android, iOs, Windows, and macOS today!

Download Here


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