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Top 9 Worst Times When Your Computer Screen Freezes and There's No Way Out

If you've ever suffered through a screen freeze on your computer, then you already know that it only happens at the worst possible time. Here are the 9 worst times for your computer screen to freeze.

1) When you’re in a video call and you’re about to sneeze. Make sure to wipe your screen down later.


2) When you’re finished writing an email and about to click ‘send’. Did you send the email? Do you need to resend it? Did it even save a draft? Ugh.


3) When you’re about to save your document. Please save. PLEASE SAVE.


4) When your Video Interview is about to start. Don’t judge me based on the crappiness of my internet connection. I’m pretty sure that’s discrimination.


5) After you’ve just finished downloading that 1080p 60fps video. R.I.P. Bandwidth. Maybe you’ll just have to wait until next month to download it again?


6) While screen-sharing with an embarrassing tab open. Warning: this embarrassing moment may be print-screened by a co-worker and immortalized forever at the office.


7) When you’re making the last bid on an eBay auction. 3 words: Bid. By. Proxy. Google it!


8) According to, one of the worst times for your computer to freeze is while clicking ‘checkout’ after an hour of online shopping. You really want that purse, but you also really don’t want to call your credit card company because they billed you twice.


9) It is always frustrating no matter when it happens! We can’t wait until you can just shout at computers until they do what you want. Make it happen, science!


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