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Top 5 Shared Workspaces in Los Angeles, that are the bee’s knees.

Video conferencing and conference calls have made it possible to work from anywhere with anyone. Working from home is GREAT but it can be hard to find inspiration if you do it every day. Los Angeles offers an abundance of shared workspaces that accessible at a variety of locations throughout the city and are offered at different price points. Why the bee's knees you ask? Bees carry pollen back to the hive via sakes on their legs which (if you like honey) suggests a concentration of goodness all in one place. We’ve done our research and these are the 5 best hives in LA. Check em out:

1. Camp @ the Ranch

When you think of camp what are the first thoughts that come to mind? Camp @ the Ranch classify themselves as “A cozy, creative, and often collaborative, co-work space in Mar Vista” and we would agree. This 800 square foot cozy space on Venice Blvd its not too big, not too small but just right! Monthly rates start at $250 and includes 5 hours of private conference room per month.


2. Cross Campus

Their motto is “Demand as much from your office as you do yourself” which if you’re an entrepreneur means a lot. With 4 locations available across the LA area our personal fav is Santa Monica with a giant garage door to let in that fabulous Santa Monica Sunlight. Some of their locations are dog friendly with free coffee and Kombucha, meditation rooms, and so much more. Monthly rates start at $50 for a campus membership (2 days per month) and $375 for a Resident Membership. All memberships give you access the 4 locations across LA.

3. NeueHouse Hollywood

With a full slu of amenities available like a restaurant, auditorium, roof deck, broadcasting studio, performance space and private dining space NeueHouse is a good cross between a social club and coworking space. NeueHouse is a networkers dream. Gallery members enjoy unlimited access to NeueHouse’s communal floors, conference rooms and private spaces on any day and start at $650/month. If your more interested in NeueHouse from a social aspect check out their Noir package which gives you access after 5 PM on weekdays and anytime on weekend. This starts at $150/month.

4. Paper Dolls

Paperdolls shared workspaceDesigned with the female entrepreneur in mind this is more than a coworking space it’s a community. Paper Dolls committed “to embracing and enhancing the way professional women work, individually and together.” Pricing inquiry can be found on their website. They also offer memberships to join their community that offer exclusive benefits with an inclusive spirit.

5. WeWork

wework shared workspaceWeWork is on our list because they have over 15 locations in Los Angeles which ensures you are never far from work. WeWork is THE powerhouse of shared workspaces all over the world which is great for networking if you're interested in traveling and meeting people worldwide. Hot desks start at just $275/month and offer you a guaranteed workspace in a common area.


No matter what your work style is, one of these 5 spaces should fit your goals. As an entrepreneur work from home go-getter, you should never be lonely. Conference calls and online video meetings can help when collaborating with others and shared workspaces with new friendly faces can give you the inspiration you need to spark a new idea! the original free conference calling provider, giving you the freedom to choose how to connect to your meeting anywhere, anytime without obligation.

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