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Top 5 Project Management Tools

We all want to be productive. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, the Great Blog Post with tools to maximize your efficiency and minimize your headaches. We took a look at some of the more popular project management tools and narrowed them down to this list:


I use Trello all the time, whether organizing notes for a personal project or gathering data for a work assignment. Flexible formatting allows for a multitude of purposes, and the user interface is clear and uncluttered. Trello’s mobile app lets you modify content on the fly to keep your projects up to date.


Asana is designed primarily for team collaboration. A sleek messaging interface prevents cluttered inboxes, and customizable fields allow the user to track anything from job applicants to bug fixes. Asana is an excellent way to convert conversations into actionable tasks. You can even include attachments from Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.


Like Asana, Flow’s forte is teamwork. User friendly organizational tools encourage the smooth exchange of tasks and ideas, so there’s no question of what has to be done and by when, and which team member is responsible for its completion. All members have visibility as to what’s due. Flow lets you easily track the progress of assignments so that everyone’s on the same page at all times.


Conference calling has been around for a while, but takes the concept to an entirely new level: Audio calls accommodate up to 100 participants; handy mute modes allow the organizer to speak without interruption. Video conferencing tools offer users the ability to share documents and files, even activate webcams for a visually engaging experience.

Google Docs

This program is wildly popular, largely because just about everyone has a Google account. As a project management tool for teams, Google Docs allows for the ability to share spreadsheets and other documents, with updates automatically saved for review. File collaboration is a snap: Because the program retains all versions of a document, you’ll never had to worry about someone making permanent changes to a file.


Collaboration is key!

Try some of these fantastic devices for yourself! You’ve got nothing to lose but the headaches.

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