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Top 4 Messaging and Free Calling App Platforms

From talking into Nokia ‘brick’ to texting on a T9 on your Motorola Razr, mobile communication technology has come a long way. Nowadays, Skyfall Blue can use our phone to browse the web, play games and go on social media. Talking and Texting still remain a huge reason why we carry our phone around but sometimes the stock ‘phone’ and ‘texting’ app is not enough! Here are some free calling app and messenger platforms  that might fill some of your communication needs.



Interestingly, LINE starts out as an internet-based communication application by the NHN application during the Tōhoku earthquake in 2011 with a majority of the telecommunications infrastructure was damaged. When it was opened for public used, LINE was proven an instant success in Asia as a free calling app and instant messenger. LINE is also extremely well known for their original-designed characters, the ‘Line Friends’, which first started as stickers and now spin-off to an animated series and mobile game. Did we mention that it can even allow you to talk to washing machines?


Telegram-screenshot telegramapp

‘Telegram’ is a free internet based instant messaging app that distinguishes itself with its two features: “bots”, which are automated AI accounts that are programmed to respond to messages and mentions, and “channels”, which can be used to publically broadcast messages to their subscribers. The app made headline news Iranian officials demanded the developers for ‘spy and censorship’ tools. Telegram has a major user base in Iran due to the censorship of popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, for which it became a major campaigning tool in the national election that occurred early this year. Telegram is a prime example that communication apps can be used for social changes and activism. Telegram also supports QR codes for easy contact and channel joining, particularly useful for businesses and organizations to expand their reach.

Cyber Dust


Who doesn’t want anyone to go through their texts messages? Cyber Dust is a free private messaging app that allows users to send texts and photos privately, which turns into ‘dust’ after they are read. It’s privacy and security feature is its strongest point: all messages are encrypted with an RSA 2048-bit key and nothing is stored permanently. Cyber Dust also allows users to send out ‘blast’ to a group of people and followers, allowing business and influencers to engage their audience in an unique way.


fcl app fcl

We definitely cannot complete the list without mentioning our free calling app! Not only that you can talk with others online with video or audio, but you can also join the call through our free dial-in numbers without data. Originally developed for business for conferencing by phone, our users had think outside the box and it is being used now for coaching, sermons & prayers and even calling to families and friends who are overseas with our international dial-ins! Our free calling app is not only on Android and iOS, but it is also available as a desktop web client that does not require any downloading and installation. The online video conferencing feature also allows you to screen share, text chat and transfer document. From keeping in touch with your love ones to getting things done, is an all-in one, free communication tool that everyone can count on!

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