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Teleconferencing Services make hiring easier and more efficient

Teleconferencing Services help with pre-hiring interviews. You could find “Mr or Ms Right”

Finding a good employee can be almost as difficult as finding the right spouse, and the consequences of a bad choice are almost as drastic.

The more information you can gather first the better, but time for hiring processes is short in most organizations. Conference calls make hiring easier and better by saving money and staff time, so you can cast a wider net and do better “due diligence” on prospective employees.

Have you ever hired someone straight off their résumé? Not very often. Employers set up hiring interviews to gather the vital audio and visual clues that can only be experienced in person, to get the vital information needed to “tie the knot”.

Unfortunately, because those full personal interviews take so much organizational time companies often get too ruthless with résumés and miss some talent that could have really shone for them.

Setting up a series of short pre-hiring phone interviews using teleconferencing services can double the number of applicants you actually talk to, for minimal added staff time.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you need all the help you can get to find them.

Find those hidden gems

Conducting conference call pre-hiring phone interviews gives you a better environment to get to know each other.

Conducting conference call pre-hiring phone interviews gives you a better environment to get to know each other.

For one thing, some of your applicants might not be good writers.

Extremely passive writing might be experienced. They might have bland, boring, repetitive, adjective-laden, “run on sentence” style, or rely two mulch on spell cheque. Maybe their grammar died when they were too young to get to know her.

Some people can’t write a cover letter to save their life, but they would make excellent employees for many jobs. Using a sharp machete to sift through résumés is a bit like “speed dating by text message” with your organization’s future at stake.

You can use teleconferencing services to give potentially wonderful employees a chance to show who they really are.

Put them to the test

Teleconferencing services work better than just flipping through a stack of résumés, because the sound quality of a real telephone connection is good enough that you can pick up the subtle audio clues that tell you so much more about a person. The “dialogue” nature of a phone call gives you both a chance to explore important shared values, and unearth critical information.

Another benefit of conducting a teleconference hiring pre-interview is how it sharpens everyone’s focus, as people strive to meet and understand each other without the visual clues available in a personal meeting. If a potential hire rambles on for half the interview, you will learn something about their communication skills.

15 minutes is plenty for a pre-hiring phone interview, to screen 10-15 applicants down to 5, or 6-10 down to 3, for the in-person interviews.

A pre-hiring interview by conference call will put your potential hire on the spot a bit, too. They can’t labour over their cover letter for hours, polishing up each phrase and idea. You will quickly get a clearer picture of who they really are, in “real-time”.

Save time, boost quality

One of the best things conference calls do is respect everyone’s time.

Teleconference calls are much faster than personal interviews to set up and manage for support staff, and imagine how much time it takes for all your interviewees to wriggle out of their current job responsibilities and hop on a bus and cross town to see you?

Phone interviews also protect the confidentiality of prospective employees, avoiding those squishy “look who’s also applying for this job” moments in the waiting room line-up.

Another way conference calls make hiring easier and better is by saving your executive hiring committee’s time, as you don’t need to physically collect them all from their professional lairs. This convenience might make it possible for you to include more expert resources that you might not have invited to a more time consuming personal interview.

“Ted in Engineering” might just be helpful on this hire, and including him in a group phone call is easy.

Cast a wider net

If you only have time for 5 in-person job interviews at 50 minutes each, then you will only get to really experience 5 people in your hiring process.

Adding a layer of pre-hiring conference call interviews can easily help you double the number of properly researched prospects, which will vastly improve the quality of your hiring process without adding too much time.

15 minutes each, with a 5 minute discussion between is plenty.

Without having to fight traffic and find your office, people can me much more punctual, and you can rattle through a group of prospects who showed some promise on their résumés, but weren’t able to jazz them up enough or write a snappy enough cover letter to get to the top of the pile.

Hiring is like marriage. It is worth doing once, and doing right. Using conference calls to make hiring easier and better is just smart business, and it might save you getting out the “pre-nup” in six months when the honeymoon, (probation period), is over.

Teleconference pre-hiring phone interviews can help set up a match made in heaven.

Teleconference pre-hiring phone interviews can help set up a match made in heaven.

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