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Stay in control of your Web Meetings with Online Meeting Tools

The world around us is changing. And fast! How does one keep up? One way is by embracing new technology such as online meeting tools.

Here’s an example: Conference calling. In the early days of conferencing, callers had access to nothing but a dial-in number and code, and that was enough. Not so any longer: Conference participants now have the option to call in from their computer, even enabling webcams and document sharing.

Online Meeting Tools’s Online Meeting Tools have streamlined this process so that anyone can easily take charge of the conferencing session. Your account has a dedicated link you can use to start or join a conference on a moment’s notice. Online Meeting Tools allow you to share files or documents with zero hassle or setup: Just drop them into the chat window for others to download. Or share your screen to walk clients through a website or demonstrate new software.

Let’s say you’ve got an important presentation coming up, and want to ensure everyone is prepared and ready to go. Send out your dedicated link and tell everyone when to join in. Perfect for brainstorming or even just to make sure you’re all on the same page! Add another level of interactivity by bringing webcams into the mix.

Here are just a few of the ways you can implement Online Meeting Tools into your conferencing experience:

  • Team pow-wows
  • Training sessions
  • Software demo
  • Job interviews
  • Telecommuting

Why not try out Online Meeting Tools from in your next conferencing session? The advantages are obvious, and the uses endless.

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